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MMC 1984 Batch
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We hope to use this page to keep members updated on each other and events that are held.

Recent Events

A family meet was planned at Kodaikanal on 24th and 25th (Saturday & Sunday), May 2008 by Dr.Shanmugam Sudhakar, Dr.K.Muthukumar and Dr.Bommannan. This was cancelled due to organizational intricacies.
A dinner get-together was organised on Sunday, 24th August 2008 at Gandhi Nagar Club, Adyar, Chennai to discuss plans and arrive at a consensus on dates, events, activities etc for our 2009 Silver Jubilee Celebrations. Most alumni from Chennai attended and contributed their ideas.

The first family meeting of our batch was held at Green Meadows Resort, Chennai. It was a full day out-door program from 9 AM to 6 PM. Most of our friends came with their spouses and children. Family photos, magic show, tatooing, mehendi, swimming, water slide, rain (artificial) dance, cricket, volleyball etc. and various games for kids and adults made it a memorable day!
You can find many of the photographs taken on that day at the link below. Many Thanks to Srinivasan for uploading them.

2007 meet photos

The 22nd year reunion was held on 10th September 2006 at Raj Hall, Hotel Residency Towers, Chennai between 7PM and 11PM.
Please see the Newsletter for details.

Dr.Bommannan had planned to organise the 2005 meet in Yercaud. Unfortunately the meet did not materialise.

The 20 years reunion was held on 3rd September 2004. There was no Dancing Queen, but there was a lot of fun, jokes, games and song & dance.
Check out some of the pictures at:

Let us know if there are any events or updates you would like to share with fellow members.

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MMC 1984 Batch
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