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This page will have a copy of our latest newsletter.
Bring out the James Bond in you and point out any errors please.

2009 Membership Newsletter

MMC 1984 Batch

 Year 2009 - Silver Jubilee Celebrations!


It's 2009 and the Silver Jubilee Year of the Class of '84! To commemorate this landmark event in our lives, we have planned a gala celebration by the beaches of Mahabalipuram and Thailand stretching over one week from 1st to 8th August 2009. Several programs have been planned.


Please note the slight modifications in the program modules done on popular request.


Program modules:


1. PhotoRounds -   MMC visit – 1st August 2009, Saturday


2. ActionNest -        Overnight stay program at GRT Temple Bay Beach Resort, Mamallapuram – 1st & 2nd August 2009, Saturday & Sunday


3. JingleMingle -      Day program at GRT Temple Bay Beach Resort, Mamallapuram – 2nd August 2009, Sunday


4. SlamBang         Medical Tourism and Pilgrimage to Thailand - 2nd to 8th August 2009


The programs have been structured in distinct modules to facilitate easy payment and also give a choice to those alumni who have time or other constraints.


You can choose to attend all or any combination of modules. Alumni may attend any module with or without their families, though everybody would love to meet your dear ones.


So start planning and get ready to revisit some of the most exciting moments of our lives and share and rejoice in our life's journey since college.


Remember to spread the word around about our Silver Jubilee Celebrations. We have lost touch with some of our classmates and do not have their current contact information. Please inform them or send us their email ids, phone numbers, address or other contact information that you have so that we can invite them to attend and make our meet a fun get-together!


Addendum: We have been overwhelmed by the huge response from our friends to attend our August 2009 batch meet; so have the original hotel/ resort gals and guys! As such they (the originally planned resort gals and guys) will not be able to accommodate all of us in the same property and offered to put the "later" registrations into a "near by" resort. Since we were absolutely unhappy with their crazy idea of splitting our batch into two or more fragments (like A-batch, B-batch etc in college - bloody nonsense I say) we are moving the whole program to the fabulous GRT Temple Bay beach resort (see pictures of the resort by clicking on the link below), Mahabs. As such, please note the revised resort/ hotel tariff (between 0 and 10% upward only and definitely offset by the fantastic value additions!) and the name in which the crossed cheques/ Demand Drafts have to be made. Looking forward to the fun times!


The second movie of our friend Janakiraman, ‘BrahmaDeva’, was released in 2009. He has arranged an exclusive screening of the movie for our batch friends. Please contact him for details, tickets and passes. Click on the photo above to read the review in “The Hindu” newspaper.


In answer to several queries that arose after the picture above was first posted on our site - No, I do not know who the person sitting in front of the posters is.

2008 Membership Newsletter


Recognise the person in the picture above?
No, No! Not Malavika; I meant the male (come on, not the one on the cycle!).
Our friend Janakiraman has acted as a hero in the Tamil movie 'Kattuviriyan'. He has arranged an exclusive screening of the movie at 'Four Frames' (previously known as 'Good Luck') preview theatre on Sunday, 6th April 2008. Those of you who are interested please contact me. First come, first serve - only 50 tickets are available for this 'blockbuster!'
A family meet was planned at Kodaikanal on 24th and 25th (Saturday & Sunday), May 2008 by Dr.Shanmugam Sudhakar, Dr.K.Muthukumar and Dr.Bommannan. This has been postponed/ cancelled due to organizational intricacies.

2007 Membership Newsletter (Version 3.0)

12th August 2007

Please note the change of date!

There have has been a major major re-re-organizing of the 2007 meeting. Apologies for the Chaos. Detailed explanation (if required) will be given at the program.

The 2007 get-together of our 1984 Madras Medical College batch will be held from 9 AM to 6 PM on Sunday, 12th August 2007.

It will be a family meeting with alumni, spouses and Children.

The venue is: 

Green Meadows Resort

4/364 A, Anna Salai (Not MOUNT ROAD!), Palavakkam,
Chennai - 600 041, India
Phone: +91 44 2451 5555  Fax: +91 44 2451 5556  Hp: +91 98400 30586
E-Mail: ,

Click on the link below for the exact location and map. It is very close to Thiruvanmaiyur on the ECR, much closer to Chennai than Mayajaal.

Activity planned:

9 AM - Welcome drink

9.15AM to 11 AM - Cricket and Volley ball on the lawns

11 AM to 1 PM - Meeting at the AC Banquet hall

1 PM to 3 PM - Veg/ Non-veg lunch at the hut

3 PM to 5 PM - Swimming and Rain dance (There is an excellent simulated rain mechanism at the pool. See/ Feel it to believe it! The kids {not to mention the kid in you} will Love it!!)

5 PM - 6 PM Chaat/ snacks and Chaai/ Tea

Remember to bring sports attire and swim wear for the entire family. The Resort management does not allow entry to the Swimming pool and Rain dance area without swim wear.

The entry to the full day's program costs Indian Rupees 500 for adults and Rs. 250 for Children between 5 and 12 years. Children above 12 years will have to pay adult rates and Children below 5 years will have free entry.

So pack your bag and baggage (drinks included) and get ready for our next get-together in Chennai on 12th August 2007. Remember to come with the whole family.

Contact persons:

Ezhilarasi - 9841271945 (Communication - telephonic)

Kalavathy - 9841131769 (Organizing secretary & Treasurer)

Wahida Suresh - 9841075671 (Events)

Ramkumar - 9444188501 (Venue)

Murugan - 9884100910 (Conceptualization, co-ordination & communication - electronic)

With Best Wishes,


PS: Please send your emails to with a copy to or fill in the form at

or call me at 9884100910 during office hours, which is 24 (hours a day) x 365 (days a year)! Oh! What fun it is to be a Neurosurgeon!

Version 2.0. Please disregard the info below. The program below has been reorganised to the one mentioned above (Version 3.0)
The 2007 get-together of our 1984 Madras Medical College batch will be held on the evening of 2nd September 2007.
(Please note the change of date. Due to the same "logistical problem" that we faced last time the date has been changed.)
As usual it will be a "alumni only" meeting.
As usual Dr.Vijay C. Bose has come forward to find a sponsor for the dinner. The initial plan was to collect Indian Rupees 300 towards the dinner but Vijay felt that the logistics of finding a sponsor might be easier! Now you know who was reponsible for the change of date due to "logistical issues" for the 2006 meet! If anybody else wishes to find a sponsor for the event please feel free (do not have any hesitation!) to do so and let us know! We shall move heaven & earth, sun & moon, hip & shoulder (touche!) or whatever else that needs to be moved to make Vijay withdraw his offer to find a sponsor!!
(touche - Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary
Main Entry: touch. Pronunciation: t-'shA. Function: interjection
Etymology: French, from past participle of toucher to touch, from Old French tuchier - used to acknowledge a hit in fencing or the success or appropriateness... of a witty point)
Dr.Wahida Suresh (Banu - Roll number 201 for those who have managed to forget) has come forward to organise the dinner. If you have any special menu requests (snakes, squids and toads included) please feel free to contact her any time/ round the clock/ 24 hours a day at 9841075671. After all she takes O&G calls round the clock in Chennai. That's customer service for you!
Dr.G.Kalyan Kumar (there are doubts - even for him - whether he is technically a doctor anymore! After all it's an eternity since he practised medicine. Did I hear a wag say "Did he ever?!") has come forward to sponsor the venue - Granite Valleys (it belongs to him after all ! - all the same, a gesture we should Thank). Kalyan has been sending the address to me for the last one week (!); as soon as I get it I shall post it on our website. Granite Valleys is somewhere in (NO, not near Mettur, the old Veerappan territory. Only Bommannan is left in Mettur) Besant nagar, Chennai, India ;-) if I remember right.
So pack your bag and baggage (drinks included) and get ready for our next get-together in Chennai on the evening of 2nd September 2007.
With Best Wishes,

PS: Please send your emails to with a copy to or call me at 9884100910 during office hours, which is 24 (hours a day) x 365 (days a year)! Oh! What fun it is to be a Neurosurgeon!

25th year get-together
03.Sep.2009. 25 years after joining MBBS. A get-together at Chennai.
There is some opinion that the meet should be held on Sunday the 27th December 2009 as everybody will definitely be on holiday at this time and also this period will have the best weather in Chennai. This date is suggested instead of 3rd September 2009, exactly 25 years to the day of our joining MMC. Please send your feed back.

2006 Membership Newsletter
Version 3.2 (Program and FAQ's announced)
Please note the change of date to 10.September.2006 due to logistical issues (if you want to know what that means in simple english, ask me [Murugan] at the meeting!).
(A week and) 22 years after joining MBBS. A get-together at Chennai. A dinner get-together for the students/ alumni of MMC 1984 batch at Raj Hall, Hotel Residency Towers, Chennai between 7PM and 11PM. Dr.Vijay C.Bose has come forward to find a sponsor for the dinner. To help us plan for the meeting please confirm whether you will be coming. Send an email to: with a copy to and
Send in your ideas and suggestions for the meeting.

Program for the evening of 10.September.2006.
7.00 PM : Meet at Raj Hall, Hotel Residency Towers, Pondy bazaar road, Chennai.
7.15 PM : Group Photograph 1. Guys and gals, please finish your hair gel and lipstick session sufficiently early.
7.25 PM : Talk Thirty. I realize that most of us have crossed or are on the threshold of crossing 40 and 'Talk forty' may have been more appropriate, but 30 seconds or so should suffice to update everybody about your activities (daytime and nocturnal).
7.55 PM : Trace a friend. Many of our friends seem untraceable. We'll spend about 30 minutes trying to decipher their whereabouts or else keep Interpol informed.
8.25 PM : Please give your suggestions for future meetings.
8.45 PM : Group Photograph 2 - to catch the late comers.
8.55 PM : Dinner. Dr.Vijay C. Bose has found a sponsor for the same. Remember to thank him and Sanofi Aventis.
8.55 PM : Optional program 1 - Some of you guys want a dance time and some of the girls, a singing program. Let down your hair (or what is left of it, if you are like me or some others in our class, who go as a pair to the saloon and ask for a 1/2  - one by two - hair cut, a la ordering sweet corn chicken soup with added salt and pepper at the local chinese joint) and use this time to do as you please.
9.55 PM : Group photograph 3 - to catch the really late comers.
10.05 PM : Continue gabbing ( - gab (gb) Slang intr.v. gabbed, gabbing, gabs - To talk idly or incessantly. n. Idle talk; chatter).
11.00 PM : Optional program 2 - Settle the bills; this is one optional program we suggest you give the miss!
11.00 PM : Say bye-bye to everybody before the hotel staff says bye-bye to us.
If the whole thing sounds like a Cox & Kings precision tour on Swiss rail, it is purely intentional !

The questions listed below have been posed several times to me. Hence the FAQ's.
1. When, where, at what time is the 2006 get-together?
Ans: Sunday, 10.September.2006. 7.00 PM. Raj Hall, Hotel Residency Towers, Pondy bazaar road, Chennai.
2. Who will be attending the get-together?
Ans: Students of MMC 1984 batch.
3. Will the MMC 1984 batch student's wife, husband, children, relatives or friends be attending?
Ans: No. Only the students of MMC 1984 batch will be attending.
4. How much do I need to pay to attend/ for the dinner?
Ans: There is no need to make any payment. The get-together and dinner are being sponsored by Sanofi Aventis on the request of Dr.Vijay C.Bose.
5. What is the program for the get-together?
Ans: Please see 'Program' listed above.

Please help us locate the email ids of our friends.
Send your emails to with a copy to or fill in the form at

2005 4th September. Ad for our "Anniyan"!

04.Sep.2005. "Anniyan" on our website!

2005 3rd September Greetings & News letter

Hello and Wishing you all a very Happy 3rd of September!

On this day, 21 years ago, all of us stepped into the hallowed portals of Madras Medical College to do our MBBS!

On this day:

1. Contact as many of our friends as you can to keep our friendship alive!

2. Remember to come to Chennai on 3rd September 2009 for our Batch get together.

3. Please send me the email and other contact ids of all our friends that you have to help me update our website and plan for our get together.

4. Check our website frequently to update yourself on our batch activities

With Best Wishes,


PS: Dr.Bommannan had planned to organise the 2005 meet in Yercaud. Unfortunately the meet has not materialised.

Check out my website for details including phone numbers: updated on 12.May.2007

2004 Membership Newsletter

This newletter was designed by Siva and is available at the website mentioned below.

You Are Invited

To A Weekend of Nostalgia at M.M.C.

With Classmates & Friends from Your Medical School Class-'84


Click here to see who else will be there

Twenty years ago, 204 young men and women stepped across the hallowed doorway of India's oldest, most prestigious medical school. Eyes sparkling with hope; mind alight with dreams; fired with a burning desire to change the world.

You were one of them. A student of the 150th batch at Madras Medical College
- the Class of 1984

A lot has happened since then.

Some of your colleagues have become famous, world- reknown; many hope to soon. Most have attained success, wealth, fame and happiness; the rest will soon. A few have travelled widely, across countries and continents; others stayed nearer home. Many have become husbands and fathers, wives and mothers; few still cling fiercely to the status of eligible bachelorhood!

All share one thing in common

Locked away in some secret corner of your mind are memories. Bitter-sweet reminders of the halcyon days of medical school. Carefree, joyous, happy moments spent acquiring knowledge and having fun in the sprawling campus of MMC.

The rush of daily life has kept those fond memories subliminal. From time to time, a twinge of nostalgia is the only reminder of the five happy years spent with friends and colleagues. Career aims, professional goals, personal priorities have kept things that way.

But the time has come to unleash the hidden feelings!

To indulge in the nostalgia evoked by recalling thoughts of what were surely the best years of your life. To meet friends from your yesteryear. Catch up on their lives, and share your own experiences with them. To refresh relationships, renew friendships, recharge mutual affections.

And to relive, for a few days, the lovely, happy days of med school all over again

That's what we're going to do at NOSTALGIA 2004 - the 20th anniversary celebrations of the MMC Class of '84. And we're counting on YOU to help make it a grand success.

You don't have to do much.


Click here for more details

It's an awesome opportunity to meet over 200 of your classmates, many of whom you've probably never met since leaving college.

It's never happened before. It may never happen again. That's why we're letting you know well in advance. So you can make plans. Reschedule your other priorities.

We want you with us on this special day. We can't do without you.
And we're sure you can't afford to miss this chance either.

So please confirm you'll be here. In Chennai. Later this year.

In person

We're counting on you! Don't disappoint us.

Please click on the button labelled NEXT below

With best wishes

The Madras Medical College -'84 Student Association


Visit the Discussion Forum

Come and post a note for all of our classmates to see. Tell others about it too.
If you haven't already registered, please do - it takes just a minute!


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