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Thanks for the update. When I saw 'Critical', I thought you were going to drop a bomb shell regarding the program. Luckily, it wasn't.
I don't think many of us will be concerned about the facilities or how well the get together is arranged. Yourself and the team deserve lots of applauds for the mere thought of bringing us all in one place. Hats off to you and the Team. We'll meet soon.
July 2009
We are all excited to attend the 25th year meet of our batch. Thanks to the whole organizing team for the Great arrangements.
From many who are planning to attend our August 2009 batch meet
July 2009
Wish you and all our classmates a happy get together. Feeling sad that I could not participate and join the gala meet and fun. All of you have done a great job of putting this together. You deserve an applause.
Sentiments from many who could not make it to the August 2009 batch meet
July 2009

We will not be attending the meet. As you know we were hoping for December so that we could bring the whole family but due to majority views August was decided. Unfortunately both of our kids have major exams scheduled for early Sept and Oct. This has thus put a brake on our travel plans. We were really looking forward to this meet but not possible. We will meet up when next in Chennai.


S Selvarajah


In reply: Personally I also preferred December 2009 as our elder son's school schedule clashes with the August 2009 program. In fact my family is going to be able to attend the program only on 2nd August and will miss out the first day’s program. The weather is at its very best in Chennai in December with no prospect of rain; everybody will be on holiday season throughout the world; nobody is busy with children's academics as it is post half-yearly exams and not the season for college admissions etc. However our friends from UK and US who attended the last major batch meeting in 2007 wanted the 25th year batch meet to be held in August as it coincides with their major holidays; airfares are cheaper; easier to get time off than in December when the locals may want to take time off etc. Most of us felt that we should accede to their request. Hence the decision to hold it in August 2009. Our apologies for the inconvenience caused and we hope that you will still try to make it to our 25th year batch meet in August 2009.


July 2009


I think we should postpone module 4, medical tourism and pilgrimage to Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand in view of the swine flu pandemic/ epidemic. Willing to go by majority views.


From a concerned batch mate


In reply: We have postponed it due to the same concerns.

8 May 2009
I am glad that you are organising this event and I am looking forward to meeting everyone.  Will try  to gather more friends. Cheers


Hope you remember me.  B. Latha.  I spoke with Ajumal and both Jayanthi and I are planning on attending the reunion. Other than the hotel reservation, what checks need to be made out to you? I know the deadline is the end of April.
We are planning on coming to the PhotoRounds and the Chariot hotel. We will not be joining for the Bangkok excursion. I will be coming with my husband and my 2 daughters. I think it will be a lot of fun catching up with everyone again.



Dear Murugan,
I hope you and family are well. I saw the email regarding silver jubilee celebrations. Unfortunately I will not be able to make it this year as well. Convey my regards to everyone. Have a lovely time.I hope to meet you all in the next meet.  
My email id is




Dear friends,
 The silver jubilee of the post century golden jubilee batch is definitely an occasion to celebrate.  I am sorry I cannot make it for today's meet, but I give you all my whole- hearted support  for all the decisions that are to be taken. For those who are meeting today, have a nice time. Keep the good work going.
Bye for now.




hey murugs,
sounds interesting,,
am sure it def will be a blast for the past! is locally said!!!




Hi Murugan,
Air fares from
are higher both during Aug & Dec. therefore that should not be an issue. The flight companies harvest gold during the holiday seasons for they know working families with children will be forced to go out only during that time however high the airfare are. Dec seems to be OK for me.

R Ramesh



Hi Murugan


It looks like Decemeber might be easier. (The only other problem might be getting time off during the Christmas holidays). I'll go with the majority vote.






I personally feel that August is preferable as July- August is the annual summer vacation for us as in other western countries too. I think Christmas eve is a short vacation and it is difficult for the non-Christians to take off as all the local Christians will take off compusorily during this period; let us go by the majority decision





Is the 25th year meeting going to be in August next year?. As this is school holidays here it will be very helpful if the event is in August. December (I heard it could be in Dec.) - esp christmas time could be very difficult to convince my consultant colleagues to agree with my leave arrangements. I assume most of our classmates in the UK will have similar issues. I am sure everone of us here is more than keen to attend the event. I hope and trust August is not inconvenient for others




May 2008
Murugan, Is there a virus on our website? There is some stuff always following the cursor even when I move it.
The music on our site is great. In fact, many of us log on to the different pages of our website daily and let the music run in the background while we are working on other things on the computer.
(Name with held)
In reply: No, it is not a virus! The cursor trails are meant to add to the fun quotient when visiting our site. They will go away when you visit other sites or other areas of your computer. Glad so many of us like the music on our site.

hi murugs
Good to see you doing a great job breaking your head (for once you are not breaking a patient's head i spose)
You had been the band master of our batch and now you have taken charge as the webmaster; by the way things are moving you can start a TV for our batch with budding stars like janaki ram too. have fun.
m.s.senthil kumar
This is excellent - about our own classmate! I do
hope we can get the DVD in a few months here.
And for the 25th year reunion -- December would be
preferable for us.
Adi Gundlapalli
hi, great news. i'll look forward to watch the movie soon. try our best to attend the reunion next year, either Dec or Sep.
Good to see Janaki on the big screen and on the posters. We can only watch it abroad when the DVD comes out. August, September would be better for us to visit India due to the long Summer holidays. We do not get much of a break in December from Schools. Please let us know of everybody's  wishes.
Dear Murugan
It was a pleasant surprise to learn that Janakiraman has acted in a movie.
TM (Muthukumar T)

Hi everyone,
This is Inian.
it was great to see the photos of our batch get together, online.
I sure have missed out on a great occasion.
sorry for not being able to be there.
NB: I have attached a great photo shot-  Watchout when Murugan arranges for the next group photo!!

Thanks. Heard you guys organised a great meet. Congrats! You are genuine and innately good.
Senthil kumar

6 July 2007
name: R Ramesh


comment: Well done LMK. Now we have a web presence

13 May 2007
name: Sivasubramoniam Meiarasu


comment: Murugan, Get together on 3rd Sep 2009- Myself and family will
not be able to attend. Dec 2009 would work.

name: S. Meiarasu


comment: Mates,
We were discussing about our 25 years reunion in Chennai when we met recently. It looks like, many of us would be able to come to Chennai if the get together is held in December 2009 especially if it coincides with the school holidays. The weather would be excellent in December. The travel would be easy unlike summer holidays. Please consider this request.

name: anto
email: dr_antent
comment: Guys thanks.did a great job.Special gudoos to murugan and
bose.had fun.Friends who left early have missed dance by A.Aravind



comment: Hi folks
why no activity in this site for so long?somebody keep adressing our
friends.Greetings to everyone special one to our day scholar gang

10 Sep 2005
A>S>Rani Pandian

comment: The next reunion must include the family also.Thank you for
the good work.

You are doing a wonderful job with the website. The pictures brought a tear or two.



Hello Murugan


Thank u for the updates. All the snaps have come out well. I see that my email add does not figure in the list. Kindly add my id to the list. Do keep us informed. Any help regarding the joint efforts i assure you my cooperation. Will keep in touch.


My e-mail id-- 







Name: P Bhaskar




Comment: Good to see you guys having fun. Keep it up. Keep us informed

please. The web site looks good. Good photographs.




With regards



Regarding the MBBS1984 Batch personal profile Form, could you see the possibility of entering the site through password. Otherwise any one can get access to our personal details, if they enter and type our names. Example- type 'Meiarasu' and you will be in our Members page.

Hi Murugan,
Sorry for not replying earlier.Its a good stuff that U guys have done. Website realy looks gud.All the photos have come out well and thank u for mailing the same. The gettogether in dec sounds a good idea. May b we shud have it.I am willing to join the party.Just let me know to whom and how much i need to pay.
With regards.



Thanks for the info. I'm afraid I can't attend because of commitments here.

If you can bring your lap top and the web camera to the get together site, we all can have a chat through Yahoo messenger. Also our other friends (overseas and inland) who can't be there can join the chat with video coverage. Please give it a thought.

Also please keep me informed about forth coming meets.




hi murugan,

well &wish. it will be nice to have get together in madras on 26 dec . its a great idea. i came to  madras in july , so we will not be attending. i am sure ram would have updated about me. bye for now.


Dear Murugan
Please include my e-mail id
26.Dec.2004 get-together; It is a good suggestion. My family are arriving on 22nd December and I will be arriving on 26th early morning at 2a.m. Will 2nd Jan be convenient to others? I am returning on 8th Jan. If you are having a get-to-together on 26th I will definitely come but will be able to spend only a few hours. Let me know
With best wishes and kind regards

name: Dr.Latha murali


comment: i never knew about this website till today. Luke has forwarded
your recent msg of get together.
i am really impresed by this web-site. hope i will be there for 2009
Latha murali

Makka Murugan,
It's great to see more photos on our website.
I can't believe my eyes. Lots of happy, young faces. I
still am thinking, why in those party sessions, boys
are away from girls. I expected them to get a little
Isharat Sultana, R. Radhika,  Krishnamurthy, well!
most of them look the same.
The personal profile is a wonderful idea. Also the Get
together plan.
It would be nice if our families could get together
Let's keep in touch.


Hi Murugan
If the 25th year union is planned atleast a year or
two in advance I can make it as we plan our India
trips way ahead of time.
If I get the e-mail ID's of our other classmates I
will pass them on.
Thanks for trying to get us all together.

Shobana Chandrasekar

Dear Murugan - thanks boss! the details are up.  and
we will wait for the picts - no hurry. 

Ohh - we would love to think of a year-end bash at
Chennai - at the moment it is looking quite tight to
be able to get away.  Let's see how things evolve.

Thanks for your efforts in getting the folks together
and the details.

Makka Murugan,
That's good!
Please add more Get together photos.

Dear Murugan - great job!!!!
I sent you our details and some picts last week.


Great job. Where are U now? I got a message from mysore?

Hi Murugan
I took a look at the website and I congratulate you for the efforts you have taken. I am sure more and more of our batchmates will send their e-mail address and we can get to know how all our classmates are and where they are.
You must have met the other Shobana.S who is married to my brother and is living in Chennai. Her e-mail has been wrongly listed and I hope it is corrected.
Kutti Shobana is also in Chennai and her e-mail is
I do hope to join you all for the next reunion.
Shobana Chandrasekar

Hi! Murugan,
Thanks a lot for the wonderful photos; I was really feeling bad that i missed the reunion;What happened to the rest of the 46 who attended?--they r not in the
snap. I am now in Sunnyvale,california. My email ids r correct, but my name is misspelt in the site . My name is spelt as UMA MAHESWARI.B
Thanks a lot & keep up the good work.Will send u more email ids as & when i contact friends.
My present address:
1180 REED AVE #61
CA 94086
Phone: 408 261 3466
U r welcome to stay with us when u visit USA!! Can u please mail me a copy of our GRD group photo--the one in ur website? I dont have  a copy of it & the pic in
the site is very small.Thank U

Hey Murugan

Great job with the site, it looks very nice.

I envy you.  You must be receiving far less email than I do. Currently, I'm at over 500 messages A DAY.  So please remove this page -

Or at least, take out my email id from this, coz there are very many programs that automatically harvest such live email addresses, and then sell them to unscrupulous marketers who send out junk email - more so, as you've put
together a list of doctors, who are a HOT market segment.

If you MUST include email ids, let me know and I'll send you some programs to cloak the addresses to prevent harvesting, or you could use image files of a text document, so the only thing in the code of the web page is an image, and not the
actual addresses.

I know this is a pain, but I've strived hard to keep my real email id - deleted by Murugan - a secret at least on my hundred plus webpages!

Talk to you soon, we need to work on getting out the CD of the photos and details to everyone.

Best wishes



I got ur mail thanks.

My email address is You could add it on the website.

Sorry I could not make it for the 20th year meet. I was away in Detriot

in America to learm Robotic radical prostatectomy on a scholarship. It was pre arranged a long time back. I hope u all had a nice time.

Mail me any photos if u have.

I hope u are doing well professionally & otherwise.

Keep in touch 


Hai ,
Thanks for the mail and e-mail id, I dont think I have as many as you do, anyway Its the best way of maintaining I suppose.
Now , coming to the plan, is it ON ? What is the date so far decided. I am glad to inform that I am definitely making a visit to India in December with my family, the plan is a 20 day trip and I have booked my tickets for 5th December tentatively.
Is the reunion being planned ? Any response from other colleagues ? How many responded so far ? Baskaran is in India this week, he is there for a OBgyn conference, e-mail him at and try to locate him.
Selvarajah and family will be coming to India in November , I will tell him to look for you.
Any idea of the exact date in December ? Do you think I should chnage my date ? Pls advice.
Thanks for now, will write soon. The fotos are great !!


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